2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

our 'campsite' in Spokane

John and Susan's home

we're usually the little guy in the campground - but here our...

Riverfront Park in Spokane - and Pig Out in the Park is...

attracting some news coverage

a great logo for a great event

there is good parking right across the street at Spokane's downtown parking...

are these figures rushing to Pig Out at the Park?

no - they're metal sculptures here to represent another big Spokane event...

the Blooms Day Run is one of Spokane's biggest events of the...

this wonderful sculpture by artist David Govedare is one of the city's...


if you've spent any time in Spokane it would be hard to...



specially challenged participants are honored too

runners and behind them the Ben and Jerry's booth




everybody gets into the race

there are dozens of food booths to choose from

and a lot of tables and seating available

on one of the stages they are getting ready for the next...

Kathleen Cavendar and her musicians are setting up


the park and this gondola are remnants of the Spokane World's Fair

the band is about ready to start

a crowd has gathered to hear them


John and Susan, and their friend Craig

as the concert begins Craig checks out the sound

the sound guys make some adjustments

and the mix gets better

but it never gets as good as Kathleen's voice should be heard


Judy, Susan and John Noble - friends don't get any better


time for desert - and off yonder are the desert booths


it takes two pages to list all the event's artists and performers

it was dark when we left but the event was just getting...

A Spokane tradition


Spokane is a good place to live. We’ve been here many times and it’s one of our favorite cities. Spokane loves festivals, and it was our good fortune to be in town on the weekend of one of their best - Pig Out in the Park. This annual festival is held on the first week in September at the city’s Riverfront Park. It’s a combination of food and music that is inexpensive and a lot of fun. Admission and the music are free, and food prices are kept below 8 dollars a serving. It began as a weekend event, but has become so popular that it now lasts for a full six days.

Our friends John and Susan took us to the festival today and we had a great time. Their friend Craig is the man who arranges for all the bands and artists to participate, and they know one of the singers who was performing. We arrived early and already it seemed that half the town was there. The crowd was large but good natured and everyone was having a good time.

There are booths serving every kind of food imaginable, and you are guaranteed to find something you will like to eat. There’s a beer garden for those who like to drink, and plenty of benches and tables to sit at while you eat and listen to the bands. A Blue Grass band was playing when we got there, and after a short break Kathleen Cavendar and her band took the stage. She’s a good singer, and while the sound mixers never quite got it right, the concert was a good one anyway.

Her songs were mostly forties and fifties vintage ballads, a lot of them in the style of Sinatra and his contemporaries. She was accompanied by a guitar, a keyboard and drums. She is also a painter, and John and Susan have one of her paintings hanging in their home. When we left at 8:00 another band was setting up. People were still arriving at the park, and the event was scheduled to go on until midnight.

Arranging for the music is a job that keeps Craig busy all year long, and he does a good job of it. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular event. Wish we had one like it at home!

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