Broke Mill RV Park on the west end of Del Rio, US...

The water mill the park is named after

It's a big park with huge spaces

We had a lot of fun with our friends, but it was time to go and stay on schedule with our trip to Arizona. As you know we like the Corpus area and would have loved to stay for many weeks more. So we leave our friends behind, they'll stay here for a month or more and then move on themselves, but we'll see them again in 'Brenda, AZ when they come to visit us.

We left NAS Corpus Christi just about 9 o'clock, taking the backroads, our favorite way to travel, it was a 299 miles drive to the Broke Mill RV Park. We called the park earlier to make sure there was space for us. We had seen this park on earlier visits thru Del Rio and thought it looked interesting. We're glad we tried it as it was a nice park. The wind storms have kept us here for an extra day. We attended the church services in the big building on premises, we were welcomed and the service was real good.

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