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Biancas cat Tank

Fell in love with Biancas cat Finn

Bianca lives in typical English countryside

Will, Rob, Immy and me out in Lodon

Aussie Rob

I finally made it back to England after almost a year, basically to catch up with people. The most spectacular part of this trip was probably how horrendously pissed I got the first day arriving there, having started to have afternoon beers at 2.30PM. Seriously, I probably get destroyed that badly about twice a year and this time definitely counts as one of em. Of course I paid for that night with an enormous hangover, being disorientated and sick all day long the nex day. Especially the fact that I got to the bus station the next morning one hour too early as a consequence of having forgotten to adjust the time on my cellphone one hour backwards, proves the miserable state I was in.

You wont believe how happy and exhausted I was, when I arrived 4 1/2 hours later at Biancas place in Yorkshire. I knew, as Bianca is pregnant, no pissup was to come up for the next 3 days, so I breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed the comfort of her new house and her amazing electronic sofa. How amazingly great is her sofa, I couldn't get off it at all anymore!

We chattet the hours away while petting her two young cats and made a shopping daytrip to Leeds. Just like a real girls gettogether! After that, I was relaxed and ready for one more enjoyable but rahter quiet night in London. Met another friend for lunch the next day and off to Switzerland I was, back to studybooks and work.

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