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this guy couldn't get a good drive in and blamed the kangaroos

who, us?

Bells Beach, Keanu would be saying where's the waves, dude?

the Shipwreck Coast on the Great Ocean Road

the 12 Apostles

more limestone coastal formations

We left out a long and painful story about getting Charlie a visa for our 2 day stopover in Dubai. In a nutshell, Emirates Airline was supposed to take care of it. We went to their office in Sydney where they said despite the info on their website to the contrary, they would only take care of it if we booked a hotel through them. Fine, we'll book the hotel. Oh wait, there are no hotels available during that time (because of Easter, supposedly, which when I tried to joke that I didn't know it was such a popular holiday in the Emirates I just got a cold stare). So we did the logical thing and visited the Embassy in Canberra. They acted like they had never been asked how to get a visa to their country before and we were waited on by the Second Secretary and a couple of other staff members. Finally, they got through to the airline which suddenly could find a hotel room for us. Charlie booked the room over the phone but they insisted we go into their office to pay. So we agreed to go to the office in Melbourne that Monday.

Melbourne looks like a very cool city. It also is a very busy city and unlike Canberra, driving here was very stressful with many lanes and trolleys and rules like get into the right hand lane to make a left turn across several lanes of on coming traffic. Parking is also very expensive so we were unhappy to discover a huge line at the Emirates Airline office. After over an hour our number was up. When I gave the confirmation number to the woman she typed it in and informed me that they were unable to book the hotel. Hmmm, so what does a confirmation number mean exactly? Anyway, not to worry, there are plenty of other hotels available. So I picked another and paid for it and gave the information from Charlie's passport for the visa (meanwhile Charlie was moving the car so we didn't get charged a million dollars for parking). Being stressed out by the airline and the traffic we moved on immediately instead of staying here (we actually could have stayed at my good friend Clem's parents place. Too bad we missed it because I was looking forward to hearing embarrassing childhood stories about him. Charlie)

Great Ocean Road

This is a famous, scenic road that winds its way along the southern coast from Melbourne to the west. It starts out with the Surf Coast. Bells Beach is one of the famous surfing beaches here and hosts an annual competition. It is also featured in the Keanu Reeves classic Point Break (remember the last scenes?). It doesn't look like much in person, especially since there was barely a wave in sight the day we were there. Like everyone else we were wondering if we were in the right spot. Later on the coast turns into the Shipwreck Coast where fog, bad weather and limestone cliffs contributed to the events that the region is named for. Along that stretch you can see the 12 Apostles, limestone formations often featured in pictures of the area. There is also lots of information about one particular shipwreck.

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