Pelican on a log


Pelican preening

One more of the Pelican

Canadian Geese, one has a band on his neck.

The small town of Ozark, taken in the rain

Court House

Sonic, where Paris Hilton worked during the "Simple Life" show

Our cache today was our 200th!!!

Ollie checking it out to see if it's okay :-)

It's okay :-)

View of the Dam from the cache

Nature trail near the cache

Wild berries near the cache

Last one!

We had a very relaxing day today. Sometimes it's nice to just get back to nature. We have been watching the birds in the lake and just enjoying doing nothing.

We did manage a ride to the little town of Ozark. It has been raining most of the day, so the pictures reflect all the clouds. We are actually enjoying the rain. After being in so many dry areas and not seeing rain for months, we are loving it.

We also got our 200th cache today. It was a very nice one with a beautiful trail and a beautiful view of the top of the dam. It was right across the lake, (as a bird flies), but we had to drive five miles to get to it. :-) It was a cool cache and we are glad we chose it for our 200th one. More later from Arkansas.

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