Wash time

Cadillac Ranch Cache

Almost there

How cool is this?

We had to see which wheel would not turn. :-)

Jerry painted Ollie on this one

There are ten of them

Another view

Close view

Another view

Another view

Paint cans all over the ground

Jerry painting Quincy

Good job!

Another view

No painting outside the gate

Another cache we found today

Another cache we found today.

Last one, our clean home. :-)

We had a full day today. We got up and washed the RV, then the car and even the bicycles. :-) It feels so good to have everything clean again.

After all the cleaning, we went out to find our first Texas geocache. We do our best to get one from every state we visit. We printed out five for the day and we got four out of the five.

One of the caches was called Cadillac Ranch. There are 10 old Cadillacs half-buried, nose-down, facing west "at the same angle as the Cheops' pyramid."

The Cadillac Ranch, located along the tatters of historic Route 66, was built in 1974, brainchild of Stanley Marsh 3, the helium millionaire who owns the dusty wheat field where it stands. Marsh and The Ant Farm, a San Francisco art collective, assembled used Cadillacs representing the "Golden Age" of American Automobiles (1949 through 1963).

Visitors are encouraged to add their own graffiti to the cars, there are paint cans all over the ground. Jerry painted our initials on one, Ollie on another and Quincy on the last one. :-)

The cache was a virtual cache. With this type of cache, you have to take a picture and send to the owner or answer some facts about the cache etc. This one was quite easy, all we had to do was find which car had a tire that won't turn. ;-) It was one of the coolest caches we have seen yet. If you would like to know more about geocaching, go to

More later from Texas.

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