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Back in Seattle area. Just look at the traffic!

Steam Donkey in Buckley WA...and a nearby geocache of course

Installing a window. Not me!!!!!

Car to go. You can use these then leave them anywhere, Next...

Half pound cinnamon buns! Breakfast at the Black Diamond Bakery. Too full...

Meeting up with the kids in Seattle!

A popsicle. Just because.

Seattle Public LIbrary

Inside the library

Escalator up

Viewing the atrium

A long ways down and out and up

A crossing light for bikes

Geocaching Seattle gum wall.

Gum wall. where is the geocache. Ewww. Nope. Ewww Nope. Ewww Nope!...

Pike Place Market

View from the market

Ryan and Becca liking the view

Becca and Ty on the Pike pig. It is a giant piggy...

Candy apples. Yum!!!

Dinner at Ivars...for 16


More dinner

Seattle Ferris wheel in Husky purple

The boys bonding at Bakers Apartment

Yay! It is here! I am soooo excited to see all the kids this weekend. The Tough Mudder is a long obstacle course where proceeds go to the wounded Warrior Project. It is happening this weekend in Black Diamond, WA. The team name Dirty JerZ is from a soccer team the kids had made up in New Jersey. Some of the kids have run on different occasions in the Poconos of Pennsylvania as well as Englishtown NJ. Some kids have run more than others, and for a few this is their first time. It is not so much of a race but more of a team event as sometimes help is needed over the obstacles. The obstacles themselves include things like Vert walls, crawling through mud, and running through electrodes, jumping off high platforms into water, long monkey bridges, and many others. It is a little different at each race. Some teams go through to better their time. Others go through for the experience. There are so many different reasons to do this. Often there are costumes involved. It is fun to watch too!

My son Jesse lives in Everett WA and Justin Baker lives in Seattle. That is why everyone came here. My other son Ryan and wife Becca flew in from Brooklyn as did Allie. Allies mom also came to watch from New Jersey. She has other family in the Seattle area and they came to watch too. Dwight also came from New Jersey. Eric and his girlfriend Brianne flew up from LA area. Ti came from Alaska. She is the daughter of Steve and Tricia who we spent time with in Alaska. I went to college with Tricia a long time ago. We even had a team member who flew in from India. She used to work with Justin when he lived in Delaware and also in Seattle. There were also a few friends from Seattle Amazon. It was quite q diverse team but they all had a great time and smiles on their faces.

Before the race, on Friday, we met up with my brother Jack and his wife Linda. We had dinner at a drive in restaurant in Buckley. Not too bad. In the morning we met up for breakfast in Black Diamond at a bakery…oh so good.

That afternoon we met the kids in Seattle where we visited the Seattle Public Library which is an architectural wonder. We also went to Pike Place Market, looked for the darn geocache on the ooey gooey gum wall (and did not find it…again). We had a great dinner at Ivars Acres of Clams where we could watch the Washington State Ferries go in and out. Great day.

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