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Birthday Honorees, Betty Wendler and Jeanette Lowell

Coco Davenport, Nancy Riley, Donette Harpole, Janie Cummings and Betty Wendler in...

Ann Poole, Coco Davenport and Nancy Riley in Clubroom

Jack Taylor, Mikail Davenport and Stuart Whiteside in Clubroom

Judith Gadalia and Visitor, Sandy, in Clubroom

Ruth Stehling with Rusty

Ruth Stehling and Nancy Riley with Rusty

Rusty on Patio Chair

Garden at Rear of House

Jeanette, Nancy, Ann and Ruth in Front of Jacuzzi


A little before 10:00 this morning I was heading for Stonewall for the Cen-Tex LoW campout. It was a tiring drive because of the strong side wind. Tonight we had a good potluck dinner with a wide variety of dishes. Everything always tastes so good.


This morning a man came to the RV park to test the fire extinguishers for a couple who operate a food concession trailer. While he was there he checked the fire extinguishers of any of our club members who wanted. RV type extinguishers cannot be refilled but he gave pointers on how to care for and use them. He said that we should shake them well at least once a year to keep them active and that we should replace them when their indicator needles pointed to the red part of the dial. He replaced a pin in one of mine.

Jeanette, Ann, Nancy and I went with Ruth to Fredericksburg. We had lunch at Clear River and then went out to Ruth’s house. She needed to pick up some clothes. We went out to her garden and patio and played with her beautiful yellow cat, Rusty. He enjoyed all the extra attention.

Tonight the entire group had dinner in Fredericksburg at Catfish Haven. The food was very good and the service was excellent. The waitress was very well organized and was training a new waitress at the same time.


The wind was quite strong today and a bit chilly so most of us stayed indoors. A stronger storm blew in during the night.


Route: US 290 W to Stonewall

Total Miles Driven: 61

Weather Conditions: Windy and dry

Road Conditions: Mostly good; a few short stretches of construction

RV Park: Peach Country RV Park

Park Conditions: Large fairly level spaces, large nice clubroom, free Wi-Fi

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