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I thought I had my worst alcohol realted time in China with the rice wine or with the guys from Boeing in Kunming, but this was far worse.

Tonight was the 'do' for the takeover of the company I work for. Not one to miss out on free food but more importantly free booze we headed to our first port of call a little bar housed in a converted church just down the road from our work.

The exiting CEO gave a speech, which seemed to last forever and one in which me and Jeremy my new trainee had forgotten to stock up for. As soon as the talking was over the bar was our target. Come 6'o'clock and we were already half pissed before hitting none other than the pub where we go our thursday night quizzes. Its the funniest quiz I've been part of. Jeremy and myself were about as much use as a glass hammer and managed one answer between us. A rival team made up of the call centre was our main competition and plenty of banter ensued throughout the night. It turned out our team 'The Evil Monkeys'(borrowed the name boys)lost by one point and no doubt I won't be allowed to forget it.

Day 173 complete

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