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Turnigan Arm & Mt. Spurr

Princess Cruises train coming from Whittier

Further into Turnigan Arm

Looking out from Turnigan Arm toward Cook Inlet

Glaciated Kenai Mtns in the Arm (fancy word from the Milepost)

Another view

On the Kenai Peninsula

Upper Summit Lake

Crane's-Bill - Northern Geranium

Cow Parsnip grows huge in Alaska

Jerome Lake - a nice place for lunch

Kenai River - we saw lots of Salmon fishermen along this river

The Homer Spit - it was spitting rain when we arrived

River Beauty - Willowherb - in our campsite

Nootka Lupine blooming all along the Peninsula & the Spit

Look who welcomed us to the rv park

A closer view

Home, Home on the Spit

View from our table across Kachemak Bay

Our kitchen window looks across the Bay toward Homer

Pretty Beach Pea blooming in the gravel around here

The Small Boat Basin on the Spit

Another view

Glaucous-winged Gulls - they're big gulls

View across the Bay at 10:00 pm - tide is out

View at 10:30 pm - tide is really out

We've been trying to get this posted for 2 days - couldn't get either the park wifi or our Verizon hot spot to stay connected. This morning it's working fast so will try to catch up.

We were surprised by the Kenai Peninsula - it's much bigger than we expected & there are mountains & rivers on it. The Homer Spit is more what we expected. We decided to pay whatever it cost to stay out on the Spit next to the water & we are right on the water. The tide changes 20' from low to high so we either have a lot of gravel beach or hardly any depending on the tide at the moment.

We went from hot weather - 80s in Palmer - to rain & cool in Homer. It was spitting rain when we arrived but the sun came out about 8:00 pm & was still shining when we went to bed about 11:00.

We saw a few critters on the drive today. Critter Count: Bald Eagle 3 (5) - Moose - 3 (10) - Porcupine - 1 (crossing the road)

More later...

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