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Mtns outside Banff

The Canadian Rockies are spectacular!

Along the Icefields Parkway

Crowfoot Glacier

Bow Lake - still mostly frozen

View from Bow Summit

These glaciers are part of Wapta Icefield

Waterfall Lake

Mt Avery & the Alexandra River

Avalanche chutes look like ski runs on the mtn side

Saskatchewan Peak & Icefield - Cleopatra's Needle


Bridal Veil Falls

Mt Athabasca in the Columbia Icefield

Athabasca Glacier

Part of the Columbia Icefield - pardon the raindrops

Columbia Icefield

Tour bus out on the Columbia Icefield

Appropriately called Endless Chain

The mountains certainly seem endless

Athabasca River & Pyramid Peak near Jasper

Home for the nite in Whistlers Campground

This is in Whistlers Campground!

Saw this big-horned sheep in Jasper - can we count it?

What a beautiful drive we had today thru the Icefields Parkway. We saw glacier after glacier within the icefields & took picture after picture. Trying to decide what not to post was very difficult.

We stopped for lunch at a pullout along the Alexandra River - named after a British Queen, of course. Wonderful views of peaks & icefields as we enjoyed our sandwiches.

We had rain off & on during the drive & it was raining when we got to the Icefields Centre & the Athabasca Glacier so we just stopped for a look from the truck & then headed on to Jasper.

We're spending the night at the Whistler Campground which is a Jasper Nat'l Park campground. It's in an aspen forest & they've done a great job of keeping the forest in the campground. We drove into Jasper for fuel & to eat at the Jasper Brewing Co - which is related to the Banff Brewpub. They have wifi so we were able to do a couple of posts while we were having our dinner.

Our critter count today was: Elk - 1 - Bighorn Sheep - 5 (not counting the bronze one at the brewing company)

More later...

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