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Drafts #1 and #2 and my mock cover

My office



My commute along a short dock

La Punta from the hills above Pandytown. The house is now blue...

John giving the plants some TLC

Plenty of boat traffic to watch

Me driving El Tanko

Captain John and I are alive and well. Diamond Lil is still floating at La Punta, Oak Ridge, Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands

My apologies to those of you who clicked on the website over the past year hoping for new news. Many of you asked us when we were back in Canada and several others wrote to ask when I would continue making postings. I decided to wait until I was amlmost finished the book so I wouldn't be distracted.

I spent the last year, off and on working on my first book, The Captain's Log - Diamond Lil does the Loop. Thanks to Joe and Cindy McGougan and family, I have had the use of the house here at La Punta as my office and I would challenge anybody to find a more inspirational setting to write. Papa John passed away last winter and we miss seeing him stopping to smell the flowers on his way to the boat.

My communte to the office consists of a 30 second walk along a dock and up a few steps into the house. I open windows on all sides of the 'great room', a large, open, living/dining area and then weigh my stacks of paper on the table, which I use as my desk, with large conch shells so that paper is not scattered by the Caribbean trade winds blowing through the open windows. My view is of the Caribbean sea, the small town of Pandytown across the bight and a constant flow of boat traffic.

We are still afloat, stuck in what a friend of our refers to as a 'sticky harbour'. I am not referring to any physical substance in the water, although we do have plenty of that floating by but to a certain type of place where many people come and fewer leave. We are part of a large and constantly growing group of gringos, or expats, who came here once apon a time, by boat or by plane and fell in love with the place and stayed. Many of our friends came on boats, some still have them, others have sold. Many have bought or built homes here.

I was fortunate to spend almost 5 months this year 'back home'in Canada. I welcomed my two precious grand daughters, Kendra and Jordana to the world and spent some long overdue time with our 3 year old grand son Tyler. I enjoyed family and friends and attended Mom and Dad Wood's 50th wedding anniversary.

I even took a canvassing job and walked door to door in blizzards, after living in nothing but flip flops for 5 years. It was a shocker, and it didn't take knocking on too many doors before I realized that, as usual, the Captain was right. It was time for the book.

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