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We made time for our morning coffee and then began our preparation to leave.

It took about an hour to get everything done and complete the final walk-around safety check.

We left Llano Grande Resort at 7:45 this morning, made one stop to top off with fuel, and arrived at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort right at 1:45 PM.

We drove 331 miles in six hours, averaging 10.6 mpg.

The drive was uneventful which was good, but I must admit to a bit of “pucker factor” driving through the downtown area of San Antonio.

Desiring to drive through the city on I-10 West toward El Paso, we followed the signs with great care but suddenly, in heavy traffic, were confronted with two signs, one pointing left and one pointing right, both indicating I-10 West to El Paso. I made a snap decision to take the right one and it turned out to be the “Upper” while the left lane turned out to be the “Lower”.

The Upper road was the best choice since it had no exits for some time and was a straight shot through a busy portion of San Antonio.

It appears to be brand new and now we know which one to take.

We had the RV all set up and were sitting in a lawn chair with a cold drink by 2:35 PM.

We noticed an RV belonging to Steve & Barb, who were at Llano Grande last winter, and then we walked a short distance down the street to see friends, Mike & Leslie.

We had a nice visit with these friends, who have spent the winter here at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.

Marilyn & I still had not eaten breakfast or lunch so we asked about a restaurant nearby. Mike & Leslie, along with Cathy, one of their friends, suggested a “Mom & Pop” place right along the river, which has terrific food!

Marilyn ordered ½ a chicken salad sandwich, with a cup of soup and a small salad. I was a bit more hungry and ordered the fried catfish special with cole-slaw, fries, and pinto beans. I just had to top it off with a slice of key lime pie. The devil made me do it!

Back at the RV, Marilyn went for a walk to take some pictures, so I’ll get those posted for you.

We have more friends arriving here tomorrow and we want to see Rick & Sherry back in San Antonio, so we plan to drive there and be back in time to see Mike & Sandy.

So much to do, so many people to see and so little time.

We will be in Hannibal on April 11th, “Good Lord Willing, and the Creek Don’t Rise!”

We have hugs for those grandkids!

Life is Good!

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