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ice show

We left the campground at 9:30 and by 10:45 we were checked in and onboard the Harmony of the Seas - certainly a record for speed and efficiency that is unparalleled from our experience. Not only was the process made easier by the fact that we were less than twenty miles away from the port, but by the fact that technology allows us to do more and more of the work of checking in, which is done by the passengers from their easy chairs at home. Long before today we entered our passport information, credit card #, photos of our faces, and emergency info. This information used to be gathered by port personnel as part of the checkin process. We saved them some work and ourselves some time.

While we waited for our cabins to be cleaned and prepared, we wandered around the ship and observed the port from above. We were surprised to see the booster rocket and the ship that recovers the reusable parts of the launch for future launches on shore. They had been fished out of the ocean after the launch we saw a few days ago and here they sat, gleaming in the bright sunshine ready for future flights.

As we sailed away we passed Jetty Park, a beach side campground that we were lucky to spend some time in last year. We were thrilled to see the ships sail out from our lawn chairs and thrilled to look down on the campground which we had enjoyed.

In the evening we enjoyed an ice show, put on by Olympic caliber skaters. All those twirls and throws are amazing to see under any circumstances, but when the ice is part of a ship that is bobbing around at sea, it never fails to thrill.

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