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Day 12 - Thursday 21st November

Just a short run up to Aachen in Germany. Their Xmas fair starts tomorrow so we want to get there today to find a place to stay. There are a couple of sites in the city but not sure if they will be full so we plan to get there early.

The day was freezing cold & dull to start. We left Malmedy & drove up to Spa to see what was there. We passed the Formula One race track at Francorchamps but they wouldn’t let me take Maria(that’s the name of our motorhome) around the track for a spin. We carried on to Verviers after Spa where we had a bit of fun in a narrow street in the old town getting stuck behind a delivery lorry. Not enough room for us to get passed so we had to pull back a bit to let cars get through while we waited for the delivery lorry to finish.

Moved on as soon as we were through & made it to a McDonalds in Eupen for a last stop before crossing into Germany. Not that we saw any sign of a border on the way. We stopped at one possible Aire on the outskirts of Aachen at a Park & Ride area before moving a bit further into the city to look at a Stellplatz, the German equivalent of an Aire. This one had proper facilities & is virtually a camp site the only problem being that it is just inside the Umplat Zone which means that the area is restricted regarding vehicle emissions. Vehicles that comply with the restrictions need to carry a green sticker to show that they comply, if not they are liable for a fine. We are eligible for a sticker as we have the latest Diesel engine but getting one takes time.

We parked up on the road just outside the Umplat area & walked down to the Stellplatz to see if we could buy a sticker there as it looked a better place to stop for a couple of nights. The guy there said that there was no need for a sticker just to get the short distance to the site so we decided to chance it & went back to get Maria & drove on to site without any problem. We decided to park up with our front in against the fence so nobody could see we didn’t have a sticker on the windscreen, just in case.

It was lucky we got there early as the whole site filled up rapidly during the afternoon. After a late lunch we did wander down from the site for a look around. We decided to wait till tomorrow to go into the city centre so explored the area closer to our site.

Mileage today - 60

Total mileage - 856

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