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Welcome to Glasgow

Garnet Hill Synagogue

Glasgow Cathedral

Church choir rehearsal

Anne Frank Exhibit

Expression of Unity


This morning we flew from Dublin to Glasgow and took an Uber ride to our hotel, (where the driver gave us our first lesson of the day-Glasgow is pronounced GLAZ-GO. While waiting for our room to be ready, we took a walk to Garnet Hill Jewish synagogue that we saw on the map given to us by the hotel. Although the synagogue was closed, we were able to look it up on Wikipedia and determined that it was a Orthodox synagogue and is the historic 'cathedral synagogue' of Scotland. Eventually we made our way back to the hotel and met up with our tour. We went on a city tour that included a stop at Cathedral Square. I went into Saint Mungo Museum of religious life and art where, low and behold, there was an Anne Frank exhibit that discussed religious persecution. We also went to glasgow Cathedral where we stumbled across a choir that was rehearsing. It was amazing to listen to them and to see the beautiful Cathedral with its gorgeous stained glass windows.

We then took a bus ride through the city and saw the outside of the Art Museum and drove through the university district and got to see architecture from very old to very new. Evening ended with a welcome dinner in our hotel (Did you know that Doubletree in Scotland serves warm chocolate chip cookies at check-in too?)

Early to bed tonight (finally).

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