Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

It was a rough day at sea. Windy, cold, and the ship in constant motion. It didn't’ t bother either of us, but the Farma made a fortune on Dramamine.

We opened our curtains and their was a pair of pink ladies panties. Later a men’s sock appeared. By the end of the week we’ll have a new outfit.

We went to a lecture about shore trips in Jordan and Dubai. They claim Dubai has an ATM where you can buy a real gold bar.

A French artist wanted to present a statue to Egypt when the Suez canal was finished. It was a woman with a torch. They refused the gift. Guess where it ended up?

I saw a live Barbie Doll today. She was in her 50’s ,very tall ,and thin with black hair, tight curly bangs, pony tail, with tight curls at the end. A blue velvet jacket, with the lapels covered in gems, and a matching skirt that was floor length. Tall thin high heels. Makeup so perfectly layered it made her face look plastic. I really wanted to sneak a picture. Maybe I’ll spot her again.

Every floor, escalator wall, and hall has Chinese art and photographs. It is all beautifully done with the women in the elevators in clothing of flower pedals, beads ,tree skirts, paper butterflies, scales, it intrigues me.

I am sorry to report the men took the lead in Battle of the sexes trivia. We are now behind by 5 points.

Today I only ate two meals down from four.

Tomorrow Athens,Greece.

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