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June 16 - Saturday

Our shore trip has been canceled & what is available is too much walking for Dick. So we went into Helsinki on the shuttle bus that dropped us off downtown. Don needed to find an HMITC cord to watch movies from his computer to the TV. Terry a round brush. We needed two decks of cards, $5.95 a deck in the ship store. A bottle of Vick’s and cough medicine for Dick. Observing the street names, corner of Kauppatori & Salutorget ,off we went on a treasure hunt for items we did not pack. After several false starts with technology & book stores a pleasant Finish lady directed us to Stockmann which is a huge department store. It had a half dozen floors, including but not limited to grocery, medicine, technology, beauty, floral, clothing, and books.

When we got to medical dept. the med tech told us that Dick needed to use his emergency inhaler at least 4 times a day which was his best medicine and use the Vick’s rub to breath at night. As long as phlegm was loose he is not in trouble for pneumonia. The Vick’s Vapo Rub was 14.9 Euros or $ 18.70 for a 50gram jar.

We went underground for Technology and up stairs for Books. There was a brief moment in fabric that made my eyes glaze over. What gorgeous prints!

Before we boarded the ship we stopped at the souvenir stand set up on the dock which had decks of cards for just 2 euros. Found a table and played Shan-hi rummy till supper.

Don’t know much more about Finland than I did before.

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