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Carpes at the Kent Wal*Mart

Welcome to Ohio

Carpe Diem gets a long-overdue fill

Sat, 16 Jun: Continuing west...

We had a delightfully restful nite at the Clearfield PA Wal*Mart. Unlike most Wallys this one was quiet and very peaceful. Most of the time the Wal*Mart lots are local hangouts and car racing, motorcycle engine roaring, and loud radios are more the norm than not. Especially on a Friday nite. This was an exception, it was really quiet! This ranks as our best Wally ever!

We didn't get underway all that early as today's drive should be short. We got underway at 0914 and quickly got back on I 80 west. We swapped drivers at a rest stop and Bob took us into Ohio a bit around half past eleven. Our first stop was at the Pilot/Flying J in Hubbard, just four miles west of the Pennsylvania line. Carpe's low fuel lite had been on for quite a while and the 'ole gal was really thirsty.

You see, we're cheap ("thrifty"?). Diesel in Pennsylvania is almost 50¢ per gallon more than in Ohio. That, to us, is a no brainer. We added 85 gallons to our 100 gallon tank so it wasn't as tho we were running on fumes.

At Youngstown we moved from I 80 to I 76 west. This took us south of Youngstown toward Akron. East of Akron we got off in Kent and found a space at the Kent Wal*Mart. The weather is quite toasty, in the mid 80s. Thnunderstorms are predicted so we'll most likely start our generator and enjoy some air conditioning.

Today's drive was an easy 168 miles with a fuel economy just south of 8½ mpg.

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