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Old Texaco Station in Town

Artist Painting River in City Park

Cormorant and Egyptian Geese

Tree Overgrowth

Old Texas Oak

Turtle Convention

Thai Diner Patio Overlooking River

Homeless (?) Opera Singer Outside of Library

Most of today's photos are from our walk this morning along the big river trail in town. I'd have to say the highlight was the guy singing opera at full volume outside the back of the library. As we walked past him, I noticed his bike was loaded with stuff, including a bedroll. I don't know if he was homeless or just travelling. We never see homeless or beggars here like we do in Denver. The guy was singing along with his iPod or phone, with the volume turned way-y-y up. As his and the lady's voices soared, it was clear he was just a tad bit off in tone, but he made up for it with his passion. Since it's Sunday, the library was closed, so he really wasn't bothering anyone. Perhaps he just liked the acoustics under the eaves? Yesterday the drizzle came back, so we stayed inside. We are in a bit of a pickle. We filled out and mailed our tax stuff to our accountant in Denver, using the Post Office's Priority Mail. Mind you, this has our banking info, social security numbers, etc. in it. Even Priority Mail didn't keep the Post Office from losing it. They won't search for lost mail until at least a week after an item was due to be delivered. So, last Thursday Bill submitted the search request. We have yet to hear back from them. In the meantime, we are watching all our accounts. We put a freeze on the credit cards after the Equifax breach many months ago, so we aren't as worried about the cards. Assuming the Post Office never finds the package (even though it's supposedly scanned and documented at every step of its journey), Bill is having to re-gather all the tax documents and re-fill out the tax workbook. What a pain. We will never use the Post Office again for important mail. In the last year alone, they have lost several checks made payable to us, as well as some of Bill's diabetes medicine from Kaiser. Okay, enough ranting…He is outside this afternoon, continuing to remove the invisible bra on the front end. He's gotten about 40% of it done. He hopes to have it all done before we leave here, around the end of the month. Our friends from Palisade are hoping to get here around the 22nd and will stay here several days before we all head back together. We may hit Carlsbad Caverns on the way home. We are fully into Spring now down here. The Redbud trees are opening up, as are the Mountain Laurels. This area has a lot of shrub rosemary, and it is also blooming with tiny blue flowers. Nights are mostly in the 50's and 60's now, so we can keep a window open for the breeze. I was struck by a memory last week at Bingo. During the course of the 12 games, a few guys pulled out old fashioned handkerchiefs to blow their noses. I haven't seen cotton 'kerchiefs in decades, back when my dad wore them every day in his suitcoat pocket. I used to be forced to iron them, and it seemed like he had dozens. I would get so bored by the task that my mind wandered, and I inevitably burned my fingers. Maybe that's why I refuse to iron anything anymore!

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