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We miss you Cynthia! But you are here with us dans esprit!!

Our Pronoun flow chart. Glad I studied calculus at some point. Might...

This is actually from Carcassone. But love the lock system they use...

From last week; the children dancing as peasants of the 1800's

A typical Sancerre pathway, for both humans and cars

Wow! My head is still pounding from all we covered today!

We have moved on from the past tenses of verbs and on to pronouns. That probably sounds like it should be an easy move, considering all the irregular verbs that exist in French. But not for me--I am way better with my verbs than I am with my pronouns. And it is not just the pronouns, but the order in which you use them. And being able to think fast enough that I can replace a whole clause with either "y" or "en", roughly the equivalent of "it" (in regards to a place) and "some."

And that is not all we did. After the morning class, Peter and I had a special session with the owner of the school ("Madame", of Marianne) to work on pronunciation. With my strong mid-western accent this is something I sorely need. French just simply doesn't vocalize the same way as English--I am discovering a whole new set of muscles, and using old ones in new ways. Quite a challenge, especially considering that it is now just me and Peter, and he is light years beyond me. I really miss Cynthia, for many reasons.

So when all this was done, I headed back to the pool. Needed to give my mind a break through some physical exercise. It felt good, and the pool was far emptier than yesterday. So now I marvel at the locker room arrangement. It is pretty much unisex, which was also the case at the high school. I am not sure how this works; I guess the French do not have the same issues that we have with predators. Or maybe the fact that there is always a very good chance of other males being present makes that unlikely. I don't know. It is a strange experience, but as I have with other things on this trip, you find a way to make it work. It is not that you can not get privacy. You just have to seek it out and be a little creative.

We have some new students this week, and for the most part families. A mother and two daughters from Pakistan, and a family of 5 from Kansas City. Other than brief introductions, I have not really met any of them, though we will have social events during the week. I am impressed by these families who make the commitment to bring all their children for this experience. It is not an insignificant investment.

While I know I still have so much to learn, I am also finding that I am more comfortable with simple exchanges with the French. Shopping and ordering a meal have actually become pretty comfortable. I don't have to plan everything out in advance like I did when I was here for a day last fall. And being in small towns, you can't count on responses in English (which I actually don't want, and when that happens, I politely ask if we can speak in French as I am trying to learn it. Though I have been told by Jacques--Bonjour a vous, Jacques!-- to also offer to speak in English, as the French like to practice that just as much as I want to practice English). So it is progress. Lots more to go, but progress nonetheless.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. I don't think I have ever been out of the USA for that day. It is still important to remember, and be thankful.

En francais:

Mon DIeu! Quelle jour!! Nous traiviallons au pace tres rapide que la semaine derniere! C'est possible que cette est parce que je comprend les verbes meilleur que les pronouns! En effet, l'apprendant de francais est aussi une equivalent d'apprendant d'anglais! Je ne me souviens pas tous les langue de grammaire pour anglais. Je jusqua l'utilise.

Et, ce n'est pas jusqua le grammaire, mais aussi le pronunciation! Apres de matin avec le grammaire, Pierre et moi ont despense l'apres-matin avec Madame pour pronunciation. Pour moi, c'est tres difficile! Je suis une Americaine de mid-ouest, avec le pronunciation tres nasale!! Mais, au fin du jour, je fait le progres. Je suis plus comfortable avec mon discuterons tres simple, par example, au restaurant ou faire du shopping.

J'espere que vous avez eu un bon jour de Reconnaissance. C'est importante de souviens, et aussi pour etre gratitude.

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