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The Serenity of the Seas returned to Copenhagen as silently as she left. Usually on a disembarkation day there is lots of banging and crashing as people lug their suitcases into the hall and the porters whisk them away. Maybe our cabin is in an extra quiet spot, but minimal sleep interruptions are much appreciated.

Our waiter told us that the wifi in the terminal is very strong, especially before the crew can get off and the next batch of passengers arrive. We took his advice and joined the folks leaving the ship rather than waiting in the lounge where back-to-back passengers were supposed to check out with their old passes, check in with their new ones and get new photos taken. This process was supposed to last a good hour and we spent that time in the terminal almost all alone enjoying the wifi. Ken paid all our bills and was able to stream the Chicago weather forecast which he had recorded at home. It's still hot there; we're better off here.

Once we had finished these chores, we planned to catch the local bus and go into Copenhagen. The rain and the fact that there was nothing in particular we wanted to do there, dampened our ambition. So we returned to the ship for a special luncheon for back-to-backers. We were actually hungry. This morning we got to breakfast a bit too late and most of the food was already gone. The departing passengers acted like they were at the Last Supper. If they were heading to airlines, that was probably a wise strategy.

When it comes to our new fellow passengers, it feels like we are on a totally different cruise. All the Europeans with their young families are gone and they've been replaced by gray haired Americans. We feel so much younger now!

Cruise companies reward loyalty and the mid-range level we have let us end many of our touring days in a beautiful lounge at the top of the ship with 360º views. Free wine included. Few Europeans cruise frequently on Royal Caribbean, but now that all those #%^*+¥£ Americans got on board, we've been banned from the lounge with the views and are enjoying our free drinks with the peons. There were about 300 lah-di-dah folks on our first cruise; now there are 800. No more 360º views. The lounge for unimportant people does have a dynamite guitar player. We have the greatest admiration for the musicians aboard cruise ships. Performers in the main theater come onboard for a day or two and are accompanied by ship musicians who sight read the charts the soloists provides. They rarely miss a beat.

On the last cruise the dining room didn't start hopping until 9pm when the Spanish and Italians normally eat. On this cruise the popular mealtime is 5:30. We love anytime dining, so we can vary the schedule with what went on that day. And the peon lounge is many decibels quieter after 5:30.

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