Anne & Tom's Caribbean Cruise and Sanibel Trip travel blog

A frosty morning when we left home

No RV this time

A deer in our woods

On the open road

It feels more like spring

We are staying in Hampton Inns along the way

Flagler Beach

Very reflective

It extends for miles







A vast panorama

Dinner that night at one of our favorite places

Great crab cakes

We left on Saturday, March 12 for a car trip south. Unlike other years, we are traveling in our car which gets nearly 40 mpg. The RV at best gets 10 mpg when towing the car!

It was a frosty morning and a deer was in our woods as we took off at 8AM.

We planned to stay in Hampton Inns along the way down which would take four days with some long days of driving.

As we got "South of the Border" it was more and more like spring and then summer and the last two days of traveling was in shorts and no coats nor even sweaters.

Our third day came to an end with a great walk on one of our favorite beaches in Florida. Flagler Beach is almost endless (as the panorama photos show).

Before boarding the ship for our ten day cruise, we stayed in Maimi where this is being written.

When at sea, we will not have much internet, so updates will come from our return from the cruise when we are staying a week in Sanibel.

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