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At daybreak we both rose early to capture the sun rising over the Bay looking towards Rijeka and took some lovely photos including many panorama shots that cover more than 180 degrees. We left our personal belongings and hiked down to the Promenade before the crowds in our swimmers to find a lovely spot to swim in the Bay. At once we realised that we would regret not taking our cameras as there are a lot of heritage hotels, historic villas and formal beaches. There was Villa Angelina from the Austrian Hapsburgs standing proudly in front of the famous Lido Beach which now has very attractive café buildings and beachside amenities including lounge furniture and food and drink service. I was surprised at the cold temperature of the sea water as I gingerly stepped of the aluminium ladder above a series of large slippery rocks that needed to be overcome before I could dive into the clear blue waters. From the water you had a wonderful view of the beauty surrounding tis city from the hills and Bay and along the western side where 13 km of villas and hotels stretch south in a tight band of concrete stone and glass.

Headed out of town around lunch time and headed south for the road to Rovinj through some heavy traffic and narrow streets.Some10kmlater we were at the entrance to the road tunnel only to find a long queue of traffic and large red crosses at the top of both tunnels but it was 30 minutes of waiting without explanation before we were moving again. Luckily we had just filled up with diesel just moments earlier as we needed to keep the engine running with 36 degree heat outside. The expressway system is a little antiquated in that they haven't yet introduced compulsory e-tags and as such you need to queue at the entrances to get a ticket and then queue again to pay for whatever section that you have travelled. The previous day we waited 30 minutes just to pay 27 Kuna ($6). After travelling at 130 kph between these two congested points it seems a little pointless to lose most of that time gain through ineffective bureaucracy.

Well we got to Rovinj with a little stress from

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