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along the sea

along the sea

watch for the bump

Today’s route retraced the drive north we did a few days ago in fog and pouring rain. But today the sun returned and the temperatures became warm enough to wear shorts. Parkas to shorts in 24 hours. The huge change caused lots of wind gusts and as we drove along the sea shore we could see white caps.

We spent the morning implementing Ken’s latest brainstorm. Because we knew the route, we knew a great place to stop and photograph our fellow caravaners driving by. This meant we had to get up extra early and be set up before the wagon master went by. Then we waited for about two hours for the other sixteen rigs to pass. We called them on our radios to verify where we were standing and if they paid attention we got some good shots. Some ditzed out and blew right by and we only got in a shot or two.

As the day got nicer and nicer I was anxious to get to the national park. At lunch we inadvertently rendezvoused with a few other rigs at a gas station. When you pump about sixty gallons that can take awhile, so we try to combine fueling ourselves with fueling the rig. We were just about to leave when we heard a distress call on the radio. One of our fellow drivers had driven over a broken culvert which cut one of the tires on his trailer. He drove into a hole and badly scraped the back of his rig and slide out. The tail gunner whose job it is to drive the route last and make sure we all arrive, was there eating lunch as well and responded to the call. Ken went over to help and they jacked up the trailer and installed the spare. About an hour went by as they inspected the rig after the tire was replaced and verified that it was good to go.

We got to Gros Morne National Park too late to do any sightseeing as a result, but Ken put up the satellite dish and actually got a few channels. We are watching the news on Al Jazeera and like it so much better than the trivia we’ve been listening to on CNN.

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