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Bill woke me at 2:30 am to tell me we had been robbed. Apparently, they picked the lock of the passenger door entered the cab,then snuck between the seats. The ladder leading to the bunk over the cab was removed then the table was swept clean of Bill's computer, 2 of our phones, Bill's wallet and hearing aides, then his briefcase!!! Yikes - while we were sleeping.

The police were called by the truck center's manager who was quite sympathetic. When they arrived (spoke very little English) they didn't seem too interested in the actual robbery (happens quite frequently) just in returning to the station to file a report for insurance purposes. Of course we were grateful to do this but REALLY, what just happened!

We both remained shocked and stunned at this violation.

How could this have happened while we slept. It was suggested that we were gassed. Now I am really upset!!!!

We were returned to the RV around 6 am. Bill made the required phone calls to banks etc then we figured we might as well continue south as there wasn't a lot we could do here. Mediterranean here we come!

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