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The trouble with Italy is the artwork, too many paintings & statues, you can't take them all in. Everywhere you look in the historical areas of the towns & cities you come across masterpiece after masterpiece. The churches & cathedrals are stuffed full of them. It's impossible to absorb all the artwork that is so readily available.

Today we made the short trip across to Florence, another city famous for it's buildings & artwork. The Sosta was only a short bus ride from the old town & we got off just along the riverside from the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. The old bridge is lined both sides with mainly goldsmith's shops displaying glittering arrays of gold & jewellery. I told Viv to pick whichever she liked best & I would get it for her. (on a photograph that is!)

We did our usual trick of following a preloaded set of geocaches which took us on a circuitous route around the old city. We passed through Piazza della Signoria which is lined a series of magnificent statues including a copy the famous 'David' statue. The square was busy with tourists, all who seemed to be taking "selfies" with their "selfie" sticks, there were loads of them. There were also lots of touts selling the "selfie" sticks so just to be hip I haggled & bought one from Senagalese guy. It came with a little Bluetooth device to fire the camera in your smart phone & it also had a small screw on tripod so that you can stand the stick up on the ground & move right away & still fire the camera with the Bluetooth device. Not bad for €10 except a screw fell out of the mount when I tried it in the Chinese restaurant where we had our lunch. Still works though.

The Duomo(Cathedral) & it's tower are very much like the ones at Pisa except that the tower desiderata the cathedral isn't leaning, as far as I could tell. Both structures are cased in white or light marble, they look phenomenal. You may note that I am running short of superlatives & struggling to come up with new ones but everything you see demands some form of superlative.

By 6pm we were "cream crackered", as the Cockneys would say in their rhyming slang, so we hopped a bus back to the Sosta for our evening entertainment from the TV shows stored on our 500GB hard drive. We are currently watching the first series of "Homeland" & I have series 2 & 3 on the hard drive as well as loads of other films & TV series.

Mileage today - 54

Total Mileage to date - 1,324

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