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Waiting for disembarkation

DHL lady

Barry & Sayid

Arjuna colossus

At breakfast the next morning, everyone was talking about the Mount Kelud volcano that exploded on Java, Indonesia. This is, indeed, the Ring of Fire where two continents are continuously colliding. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis only the superficial evidence of nature's unleashable force. Apparently, only local air travel is affected, so our flight to Hong Kong should go as planned.

After we arrived at Bali, Barry and I loaded onto a van with Sayid, our guide for the day, also the concierge who had accompanied the ship for the Indonesia ports of call. He got us straight to DHL and a very nice lady in a head scarf that matched DHL colors arranged for packing and shipping both our dragon and our Sepik River mask. Then, Sayid took us to a few touristic shopping spots and, later, for a nice lunch of crispy duck, which was so crispy there was hardly any meat and the bones just crunched. Sayid took my photo in front of a colossal statue of Arjuna at a busy intersection.

We met an "expediter" at the vast, just-opened international Bali airport, and we got through check-in, customs, immigration, security, etc., then walked half a mile until we found the lounge to wait for our plane. All systems "go," despite the rain, our Cathay Pacific airplane arrived in Hong Kong nearly five hours later.

We are staying at the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon, which is 118 stories high. Two young, immaculately groomed young men in skin tight black suits greeted us and immediately asked whether we wanted to upgrade our room to a suite at a special price since we were first-time visitors to the hotel. We decided that the room we had booked on the 113th floor was just fine. These two young men glided through check-in and one told us he was our guardian angel or fairy godmother or someone and to please call him for anything (!) at all. The next morning, it was so foggy and rainy all we could see from our windows was the inside of a cloud, but I got dizzy just thinking about how high we were (or maybe I'm still rolling with the ship).

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