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Carpe at BLM land southeast of Quartzsite
Perfect for a quick overnite stopover

Traffic was OK on I 215 in Las Vegas

Our Cummins worked on a long uphill
Engine parameter display shows 395 hp...

Long downgrade west of Kingman
Note mile-long train

Traffic was heavy in Lake Havasu City

RVs boondocking at "The Steps" south of Lake Havasu City

Thu, 06 Feb: Heading outta Vegas...

We had a wonderful five days visiting with our family in Las Vegas, but enough is enough! Our Sis and Bro-In-Law flew out Wednesday and we "flew" the coop first thing this morning (well, almost first thing).

Our visit was very hectic and required us to drive from the RV park south of the Las Vegas Strip to the heart of the Strip will its myriad traffic, lites, mindless pedestrians, and ultra-rude cabbies. Somehow, don't ask us how, we survived with nary a scratch on Dinkum but many additional stress-related wrinkles on Sandi.

We rolled wheels a bit after eight and retraced our route. I 215 east to US 93 across the new bridge to Arizona and then south to Kingman where we picked up I 40 west to AZ 95 south to Quartzsite, our first day's destination. Today's run was 235 miles of very hilly roads but pretty decent traffic (Lake Havasu City excepted).

Pulling up the grade out of the Colorado River Canyon at Hoover Dam our Cummins engine really did a great job. According to our Silverleaf Engine Analysis software the engine was developing 395 horsepower (out of a rated 400) and 1,064 ft/lobs of torque (out of a rated 1,200). See the shot of the Silverleaf screen in the pix section for other details (including a fuel flow of 20.1 gallons/hour and "economy" of 2.4 mpg).

It was mostly cloudy in Vegas and it got progressively darker as we headed south. North of Kingman we encountered rain, which was with us off and on till we got down to Lake Havasu City.

We arrived in Quartzsite at 1330 after a quick lunch stop at the Lake Havasu City Mall. Our first stop was the Pilot/Flying J where we added 66.8 gallons of diesel to the tank. Then a quick four mile run to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) short term boondocking areas southeast of town.

We got set up and drove Dinkum back to town where we met the Davilas and Rosas for an early dinner (late lunch?). As always, it was great to see them and catch up.

Back to our campsite for a relaxing rest of the day and an early turn in. It was a long day (even longer given the hour we "lost" by returning to the Mountain Timezone), and we were tired. It felt good to crawl into our own bed, which is just about the best part of RVing.

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