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I like to take photographs, Ken REALLY likes to take photographs. Sometimes it feels like if he didn't get to take a picture of it, it didn't really happen. When we first married I would get bored at times standing around waiting for him to get that perfect shot. But over time I learned to use this as an opportunity to really observe and notice the beautiful place where we are - smell the roses so to speak. And sometimes I see another angle and take another photograph, too. Ken thought it would be cool to get some photographs of the Grand Canyon with a dusting of snow.

Cool is the operative word here. First he looked at the North Rim which doesn't open until May 15, because the entrance road is still covered with snow. So we finished driving up the Mogollon Rim up over 7,000 feet elevation and are at the South Rim at 6,000 feet. Night temperatures are predicted to be below freezing. A light overcast meant that it wasn't all that warm during the day either. We got out the jackets we haven't worn since the first few weeks of January and plugged in the electric heaters. And there isn't any snow. Perhaps being here will thicken up our blood a bit in preparation for going home, where it sounds like it will never be warm again.

After a driving day we always open cabinets carefully. Things inside can shift around and you don't want to be attacked by a cascade of dishes. When you drive a major change in altitude as we have, you also have to be careful when you open something with liquid inside. Over the course of the day I got a splash of yoghurt, a splash of salad dressing, a splatter of suntan lotion and a gusher of shampoo. The mattress was like a rock and air had to let air out of it as well.

There are people camped in tents here, so we cannot complain about the cold. We were surprised when the RV campground said it would be full tonight (we had made reservations), because when we drove in, hardly anyone was there. But at dusk one rental RV after another parked all around us. We are hearing all sorts of foreign languages. The Grand Canyon is a world class attraction and some of the world has decided to see it by renting a small RV. During the day they were out and about touring the park. We wish this would be more of an option for us when we visit other parts of the world.

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