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We stayed at Dinner key Mooring field for 2 weeks; this was...

Dinner Key dinghy dock

Vizcaya the former villa and estate of businessman James Deering, of the...

Another view of Vizcaya - on Biscayne Bay, near us

More of Vizcaya

It is pretty specatacular

These appear to be roots, but I don't think they are

"Roots" growing over a wall

Wind surfing regatta - pre-Olympic trials here at the Coconut Grove Sailing...

More wind surfing on these amazing boards

On a beautiful sunny warm day we went to the beach -...

I loved it - empty, with palm trees for shade on long...

Another beach shot

One more beach shot

Empanadas are plentiful in Miami, but this is an "artisan" empanada: with...

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami that is an up and coming...

On the 2nd Sat of every month is the ArtWalk in Wynwood...

Each wall was unique

More walls

This is one of our favorites - but they are all great

So different, and so close together




I just couldn't stop - more and more

Another one...-

The last one. There were dozens of inside galleries too but I...

The one picture Warwick has sent me from NZ - enjoying a...


• Mile Marker 1094, on a buoy in the mooring field at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, in Biscayne Bay, Miami FLA

Weather: Low 80’s

Boat Names:

• Sea n’ Stars

• Vitamin Sea

• Sail La Vie

• Affordable Mistress

• Les Miserables (he assured me the name captured his favorite book/musical, and she said that it could be pronounced “Less miserable”???

This trip has been nothing like the first (in 2008-09), in so many ways. We got down south much faster because we knew more about what we were doing. The first month was not so cold, in part because we left a bit earlier, we didn’t dawdle and because the fall was not as cold as our first trip.

We’ve seen lots more of family than we did last time. It started with a long visit with Ben and Mo and the grandsons in the beginning, followed by a week with Monica, then a week with Naomi, Jesse and granddaughter Amaia, then a long weekend with Julian (who flew down to Miami in late January). And finally, and quite unexpectedly, Warwick is spending time with his NZ family as he had to return for a funeral. Not a nice reason to go, but wonderful for him to be with his siblings and son and daughter.

I have been on the boat alone this time twice: once for a short (business) trip for Warwick, and now this longer trip for him in NZ. It’s beginning to feel normal to live by myself on a boat. Now I never thought I would say that!

Instead of being on the move, we’ve been staying put. Our long pause here is easy in many ways. The Coconut Grove Sailing Club has some nice features: a 24 hr shuttle to get us off and on the boat, wifi, a nice restaurant/bar on the deck, a library across the street and Miami at our fingertips. And it’s hard to beat warm, sunny weather, especially as we listen to the weather reports of our friends and family up north. What’s not to like? So, if we had to pause, it’s nice we did it here.

I will admit, however, that we would both probably rather be on the move. Warwick definitely would. When he returns on Feb 26 we’ll need to take stock and decide what to do next? The winter is rapidly winding down.

We’ll keep you posted.

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