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In Cappadocia

Good flights

The volcano looms over the countryside


Cave dwellings

Erosion of the volcanic tuff created these formations

There's always a cheesy market with lots of junk for sale

Quite a landscape

More things for sale

And a camel too

How did they ever get up into these caves?

A vast valley - almost Grand Canyon in scope, but much smaller


Taking a rest

Super views

The person in the foreground gives the scope of this vista

A turkey shaped formation

On to the pottery studio

This artisan made an intricate wine dispenser for us. He makes his...


He shows his work

Then slices it to show the inside detail

Sanding the pieces

Adding glaze to the fired pieces

The glaze is a work of art


The showroom

Hundreds of pieces - all for sale



We bought this wine dispenser - like the one the craftsman made

Now to our hotel

It is a cave (man-made) in the hillside

The ceiling above our bed


Before dinner

Anne is really spiffy

Our restaurant

The group

Opening the pot of stew

Wonderful meal

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A master makes a wine vessel

May 18

It's an early (5AM) wake up call, for today we leave Kusadasi and fly to Kayseri (via Istanbul). Kayseri is the capital of Cappadocia. Turkish Air is right on time and after a quick stop for lunch and a chance to change into exploring clothes, we begin to take in this fantastic countryside. As we drive to our hotel, we stop along the way to see formations created by the erosion of the tuff from vast volcanic deposits. The volcano looms in the distance and dominates the landscape. Each outcropping is pockmarked with cave dwellings (now abandoned due to safety). Some vistas remind us of the Grand Canyon - but on a smaller scale.

But we were not finished with our exploration. Now on to the Venessa Seramik pottery establishment. Here we saw a skilled craftsman turn a hunk of clay into a graceful wine dispenser in less than 10 minutes!

We arrive at out hotel which is carved into the hillside and has the interior of a cave. We wonder how they got the plumbing and electricity installed so flawlessly! Dinner is at a nearby terrace restaurant where we enjoy a cooked-in-a-pottery-flask stew that the maitre'd opens with a mallet. Delicious! Another early to bed night, because tomorrow we rise at 4:30AM for our hot air balloon ride.

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