Bob and Annie on Safari travel blog

Still on our way to camp, we pause beneath a sausage tree...

He's been hiding up here for a day or so feasting on...

Time for a stretch

A quick run for a break from eating?

The sausage tress don't have just 'sausages' - they also sport magnificent...

Arriving at camp we find just six 'bandas' - beautifully set on...

Gorgeous tents - like being in a 5 star hotel!

Our view onto the plains often includes buffalo

And several antelope - the majority being the stunning impala

We've time for an afternoon game drive . . .

Our bonus today was a leopard in a tree (just like the photos you see in documentaries) on the road to the camp where he had been for a day or so following a kill. We learned that leopards always take their kill into a tree to protect it from scavengers and stay in the tree with it until they have consumed it. As they eat and the carcass weighs less they take it higher into the tree.

While we were there Nick got out his “point and shoot” camera but couldn’t get a good angle so Bob offered to take a photo for him. While Bob had Nick’s camera the leopard started to move out of the tree so he kept taking shots with Nick’s camera that ultimately turned out to be pretty good and Nick kindly gave us copies. The really funny side to this story is that Nick is an award winning photographer who has had books of his photographs published.

On arrival at Katavi the staff line up in the parking lot to greet us and welcome us to the camp, quite amazing protocol and the banda is fantastic. After registration, the required safety briefing and signing of waivers we enjoy a cup of tea on the banda verandah overlooking the plain.

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