4TH – June, 2013

Last night we had a lovely dinner in the camp kitchen, crumbed chicken schnitzel for me and fish for Rob. Plenty of salad and very nice.

Start the day well with a lovely Devonshire tea. Good sized scones and heaps of jam and cream and the best part is there were no calories in any of it. (Yeah I wish LOL)

We decided to go for a drive just to have a look around and pulled up at Centenary Park. They have a monument type thing there to the old timers panning for gold. As with most of the parks in Charters Towers it is well maintained and plenty of people utilise the areas to have lunch and for the kids to play.

As with most things here the proceeds go to the RFDS. Last year alone they donated in excess of $6,000, not bad for a little caravan park on the outskirts of town.

5th June, 2013 – Wednesday

We took a drive out to the weir today. It’s a fairly big area and Rob was looking at putting the kayak in and maybe do some fishing but there was a large sign up saying that crocodiles inhabit those waters so that put paid to that idea.

There is a lovely little picnic area out there with green grass, bbq’s and weather sheds. All very well maintained.

The cattle seem to have free roam, as they do most places out here and kept in certain areas by the use of cattle grids. There were two very large bulls with the herd but they all seem placid enough, but then again I wasn’t planning on getting out of the car to find out.

Tonight in the weather shed they were cooking rissole and onion sandwiches, again the proceeds to the RFDS.

With this flu that I have I didn’t plan on having anything for dinner but Rob brought me over a sanga and I must say I did enjoy it.

There has been an influx of CMCA people in their motor homes and caravans and even one couple on a trike. I had heard a bit about the CMCA camping and I now believe what I have been told. They come in and take over, they think that the rules of the park don’t apply to them and they think nothing of walking through other people’s campsites. It’s like they think they are better than anyone else. Now I know why I didn’t join a caravan club, we will just be happy with the people we travel with and keep to ourselves. At least we have respect for each other and the country as a whole.

The dinner in the camp kitchen tonight was a BBQ with all the usual things and quite nice.

We had entertainment tonight also, a lady by the name of Brenda-Joy. We had actually come across her a few days ago when we went into the Information Office.

Brenda-Joy holds the distinction of being Australia’s Current Bush Poet of the Year and she also sings ballads about the bush. I had never heard “I Love a Sunburnt Country” by Dorothea Keller sung before and it sure did stir the pride when this lady gave her rendition of the poem. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

It was State of Origin footy tonight and Rob was going to sit in the camp kitchen and watch the match but again the CMCA took over and nobody else got a look in so he came back to the van and kept track of the scores on the internet. Of course everyone had a late night tonight. GO THE BLUES!!

6th June, 2013

We had a little bit of drizzle overnight, nothing that didn’t dry up pretty quickly once the daylight came.

Washing day again and because I wasn’t feeling all that good Rob went and did it for me. Thanks heaps Rob.

We went into town and made a doctor’s appointment, primarily for some repeat medication scripts and we go back at 2.30 tomorrow afternoon.

We had lunch while we were in town too. We went back to the outback shack and I had roast pork and vegies and Rob had rissoles, chips and salad. Would not hesitate in recommending them, it was absolutely scrumptious.

We took a look at the Zara Clark museum while we were in town too. All the old things from around the area depicting life at the time. Very well put together and at $5 entry well worth the look.

Back to the van this afternoon and a quiet time, may even have a Grandma Nap………….yeah I should be so lucky. LOL

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