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Day 12: Monday 8 April of holiday

Pink Roadhouse Caravan Park, Oodnadatta to Dalhousie Springs - Sunny and really hot

Today we woke up to our twelfth day of our holiday and we realised that we sadly had to farewell Ann and Wayne who had to be great company to us. It seems a day ago we were welcoming them and now we have to farewell them. We said goodbye and then went to this rule internet café so we could send off this blog but unfortunately it didn’t work for us.

After a lot of fussing about we got on the road. We were going to turn off the Oodnadatta track and go on the road to Dalhousie Springs. Very soon we realised this road was the worst road we have ever been on. It had gibber rocks and it was extremely bumpy. You were bumping around everywhere. To travel 80km took us 2 hours and 45 minutes. As well as the terrible road it was fascinating the different formations of each side of the road. Sometimes on one side it would be green and lush and the other side it wouldn't have many trees at all and had heaps of rock formations.

When we got to Dalhousie Springs there was nobody there. It was so hot and had so many flies with no shade.

We set up and put up our awning for shade we sat down and had an ice block when a group of people come in. We were lucky we got here first as we choose the shadiest site that wasn’t that shady.

Then we started heading to the springs. It is a natural big mound bore that a lot of animals survive on this. It was extremely lush around this bore but in the campsite it is very barren in this. It was so hot that it was 38 degrees that you had to go in and then jump out and stand waiting for the wind to cool you down then you would jump back in. After a while we hopped out then had a few games and a rest. We also saw a dingo wandering around. We were surprised and a bit scared that there was dingos here but we were prepared if a dingo came up to us after being to Fraser Island last year.

In the afternoon we had another swim and went to the showers but they were cold. It was getting late in to the afternoon so we thought it wasn’t worth setting up our shower so this was our shower.

We put our night gear on and had a nice dinner and chatted. Us kids were playing games and talking. We were looking out to the garden where we saw a dingo. We stayed with the crowd and stayed right away from those dingos.

We went to sleep hearing dingos howl all night long which was fascinating but also scary as I thought a dingo would come into our camper.

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