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An old car getting a ride down the interstate

A view down the canyon to the falls

Bob enjoying the view.

If you look across the canyon in the center of the picture,...

We WERE there!

And here's a boulder right in the middle of the road

A very BIG boulder

Bob's peeking!

This tree adapted it's growth around another boulder

Trees are very adaptable. They even grow on granite.

A sad, neglected cemetery near our campground

There was a geocache at the Santa Fe Restaurant so we had...

The Trail of Tears is a very sad story.

Part of the story.

This is all that remains.

7/1/13Wow, did we get an early start this beautiful morning (9:30 a.m.)...and wow, is it good we did because as we were cruising along I-59 on our way to Ft. Payne, I noticed a strange noise as we went over two of the bridges over the creeks about 20 miles south of Tuscaloosa. Moved the right side mirror and saw something flapping in the wind! Pulled over and lo and behold, the right rear tire on the Ti was completely shredded!! And of course, it had to break the fender on it's way out. We just replaced that tire and that fender last year. I just don't know what's going on with that wheel. Someone suggested it might be a bent axle. We'll have to get that checked out.

So I called Good Sam Emergency Road service but while they were dancing around finding someone to come to take care of us, a guy stops across the interstate, walks across the highway and asks if we need tire help. What the heck; he's right here and it usually takes an hour for Good Sam to respond so, needless to say, we went for it. He had our tire changed out and we were on our way before the GS people even had a chance to arrive. God was watching over us, for sure. The thing with the travels so well, you don't even feel when you've got a flat. I've got those tire minder valve caps that I've got to get on. They tell you when you lose a certain percentage of tire pressure via a wireless monitor that goes on the dash. Of course, when there's a complete blow out, there's not much to tell you except you know to stop sooner than I did...before the tire shreds.

Pulled into the Little River RV Park around 3:00. This is a campground that the owner is carving out of the side of a hill and it's really not too bad. Long, level gravel site, wifi, cable, water, electric & sewer. It's just that there's a very long steep hill (Route 35) from the town of Ft. Payne up to the top of Lookout Mountain but the truck handled it quite well.


Today we went OAB (Out and About) and drove around the Little River Canyon. This is a very "treed" canyon (which means that's about all you can see from the road), unlike the Palo Duro Canyon (you could drive down into it and it was very open) in Texas and it is long. Unfortunately, you can only stop at the "lookout points" and see the view from those but the views you see are spectacular.

I checked the weather for the area and it looks like we're in for a whole week of rain!


Yup, a week plus some of rain...not continual rain but often enough that you have to get out quick to get a geocache or do the shopping then back in where it's dry. Fortunately, we've not had wind and only one or two really loud storms that didn't last too long. Taco hides in Nellie's kitty litter box (behind a curtain) when it gets loud out. Unfortunately, with this rain comes humidity and it's just plain muggy and totally uncomfortable out.

Really didn't do too much else around Ft. Payne, I'm sorry to say. So now it's on to Athens, Tennessee on Friday.

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