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August 9

Grammar took off at 10 am on her bike for an exercise break. She did loop that included Halna, Wassbachen and the dirt road back to Tatorp. We had coffee and lunch at a B & B at Halna that is run by a Brazilian/Swedish couple. He used to sell stone cutting equipment and we had a chat about stone - the Carara marble works, the millstone quarries and Inuit scultptures.

We were back in time to go to Christine's for fika (afternoon coffee break). She is a lovely person and she and Grammar really connected. She fed us black currant crumble, chocolate brownie, mountains of whipped cream and four kinds of local and excellent ice cream. We also could have tea, coffee, elderberry juice, fizzy water. She organized bubbles and bark boats in a tub for the kids as well as drawing materials. After Hugo, Teslin and Thomas left, Mia and Grammar picked black currents and then walked home. We had a swim and then bar-b-q'd some chicken. It was popular with all.

Hugo's uncle Pelee arrived after supper and he, Hugo and Grammar set 10 crayfish traps.

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