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It felt sooooo gooooood to take a really long shower last night. It felt so good, that we repeated the experience this morning.Once we pulled ourselves out of the shower, we drove over to Pipestone National Monument. It was a fascinating place. We only took a 3/4 mile hike/walk/stroll around monument but it was really hot and humid. YUCK. We met an old Indian on the trail who had a working quarry. Unfortunately, he explained to us, his quarry was filled with about 6 feet of water. They do not use any power tools, all mined by hand, so he joked with us, because we were hot, that we could bucket the water out of his quarry for him. We passed up that opportunity as the water was really murky looking and there were little fish in it. Who knows what else lurked under the surface.Wew spent about 3 hours there before getting on the road to Lake Itasca. Woo Hoo, Lake Itasca has Internet connections!!!We passed some Minnesota Amish on the way up here. Didn't know Minnesota had Amish. Going to take a boat tour of Lake Itasca, and walk up to the headwaters tomorrow. Also going to take another long shower. Is so nice to be able to take a long shower. Till Tomorrow, will log on again after our boat tour! We are really looking forward to that.

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