Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Here we are.

Our home for a couple of days.

Surreal rocks and beautiful wild flowers

Off to do find a cache somewhere around here.

Watch your step.

This GPS just won't settle down!

AHA! Here it is.

Just some scenery.

Did they run out of paper tubes...or are they birdhouses?

Andy Devine Avenue

Cargo planes waiting for cargo

5 miles down a dirt road.

The little fish pond outside the office. Very peaceful.


Off we go into the wild blue yonder…well, actually more like into the slightly risen sun. The only trouble with heading back east is that you’re driving into the sun most of the time when you leave before noon.

So, today we are on our way to the Blake Ranch RV Park in Kingman, AZ. Very easy drive down I-15 to US-93 and finally onto I-40. Actually, I-40 was in the worst condition of all 3 of our routes today. I-40 sort of follows the old and very historic Route 66 which was the original U.S. Highway between Chicago and Los Angeles. There are sections along the route that you can actually drive on it. We’ve done it in the past but, to be honest, I didn’t feel any different than when we’re on any other highway! I guess I’m just not a good history buff.

Pulled into the very nice campground at 2:32, after a drive of 130 miles. I like “short” days. We’re about 14 miles east of Kingman, really out in the middle of nowhere, but you drive through a truck stop/wash and on up the hill to the campground. I like it here. The lots are long pull thrus and the view is out over the truck stop below to the ranch hills beyond. Bob and I went out for a quick geocache this evening and then decided to pick up 2 more that were nearby. At the one cache, my compass was literally spinning in circles, back and forth, so there must have been something in the rocks that confused it. Lots of cattle guards here...rumble, rumble as you drive over them.

This evening is Percides meteor shower evening but, just like every other year, wherever we are during Percides, it’s overcast or the lights are too bright. Tonight it's the overcast problem. What a bummer. I did go out around 12:30 though and there were enough breaks in the clouds that I did get to see 6 lightening flashes, 7 airplanes, and 4 meteors. Funny thing, I had opened the door to peek out before deciding whether or not it was worth it and I heard a little bell...looked down and there was Nellie on the bottom step. She had snuck out! Wait, it wasn't Nellie at all. She was still on her perch on the back of my chair. What? It was one of the office cats, just lounging on the bottom step. How neat. When I went out a little later, she was on the top step so I picked her up and we both watched for meteors. Cute, soft little kitty.

Total Miles Driven Today: 130

Total Time: 2:32


Today we drove into Kingman to CVS to stock up on our meds supplies. Here's another town I'd like to stay and visit some day. We really only saw CVS, Walmart, and close-by areas as we also did some geocaching while in here. Oh, and a storage place/airport for all the Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and other freight planes.

Just a little history which you'll see on the Kingman page, the town that calls itself "The Heart Of Historic Route 66": The actor Andy Devine was raised in Kingman. One of the major streets of Kingman is named "Andy Devine Avenue" and the town holds the annual "Andy Devine Days".

The Kingman Explosion, also known as the Doxol Disaster or Kingman BLEVE, was a catastrophic boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE) that occurred on July 5, 1973 in Kingman. This explosion has become a classic incident studied in fire department training programs worldwide.

Yes, there's a lot of history in this town but we didn't get to see it at CVS and Walmart!

I went out for 2 geocaches back near the campground this evening. WOW! They were both down dirt roads (nothing new) and they both took me out in the middle of nowhere. Really, really out in the middle of nowhere but really, really neat.

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