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6 August,

Rather uneventful drive today unless you call driving over roughish roads eventful. We both arrived in Moora feeling a bit on the flat side after being thrown around by the rough surface. Then Giles sent us the wrong way at Toodyay and we could have ended up in Perth had it not been for my acute sense of direction so did a U turn went back to Toodyay and had luncheon before pressing on to Moora.

Nice council van park here; well laid out with each bay kerbed and spaced from the neighbours by a grass space. We are waiting for someone to come and collect our money because until we pay we don’t get the code for the amenities, tough we will just have to use our own until someone comes and takes our money.

Oh dear there were some dramas with the TV, Carol was distraught as it would not turn on. I fixed it by simply turning on the hidden switch….

7 August

A bit of a mixed bag weatherwise today. We made the most of it, drove out to the wildflower farm and was given the tour and the process of how the flowers are dried, much like drying fruit. Some spectacular bunches of dried flowers at very sensible prices; we would have purchased an arrangement but had no way of getting it home. The Femme d’ Flora told us that we would be wasting our time taking the local wildflower trail as it’s only any good for about 3 weeks in the year. I got the impression that she was a tad tired of the “Marketing” exercise that the local councils have been “conned” into. Yep read the brochures and glossy materiel and its chokkas with marketing hyperbole (pronounced hype-erb-early). Still I got some seeds that she says will grow well in pots in Canberra a sandy acid soil is the big GO for them apparently.

The sun shone briefly so we went for a walk downtown got some snotblocks for afternoon tea (they were tres ordinaire actually) I also got to use my new ubeaut wash brush on the van so gave it a dhobi and hey its white again, but for how long? Who knows……..

At sundown we retired to the village clock to get some pics. Moora has a stained glass fetish and the clock is very nicely done, I wonder if a copy will appear on the LVET?

Tomorrow we drive to Northampton taking the direct route as there are no wildflowers to be seen yet on the scenic route.

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