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Our three week stay in Baltimore was so busy, the time literally flew by. Of course we saw the doctors, had blood work completed, had X-rays made and scheduled follow up visits for June 2012. Now that we are living in the RV that really doesn’t seem so far off. But, seeing friends and reconnecting with them was the highlight of our stay. We ran out of time and missed some friends that we had hoped to see.

Our adventures on the road have been many; however, even when back in Maryland there were adventures (not always pleasant ones) that we experienced. Our first nightmare was the snow that occurred on October 30. Our primary RV park was Merry Meadows in northern Baltimore County, Freeland (almost directly on the MD / PA state line). When we awakened we were shocked to see that the snow was beginning and even more shocked when it continued throughout the day with an accumulation of four inches of the “white stuff” and a low temperature of 26 degrees.

Our second adventure was experiencing the unbelievable traffic on I83. When Greg left for an early game of golf he never expected to be in a rolling backup on I83 at 6:15 AM. He was almost late for his tee time after it took him over 45 minutes (it should have only taken 15 to 20 minutes, that would be without the quantity of traffic). We also discovered that the traffic is often backed up. We had to reschedule 2 dental appointments due to a 2-hour delay, per a major accident. And, we were late to several doctor appointments at various AM times even when we allowed 45 to 60 minutes for our commute time to Towson.

Our third adventure was taking the puppies to the vet for their annual exams with shots that were due. No problem for either of them. They are each well now and we are delighted they will be 13 years old in January. Matronly Heidy continues to have arthritis which is aggravated by the cold weather. It’s a good thing she is so smart, she has learned to compensate for her total deafness by learning sign language and by watching Andy, Mommy and Daddy. Andy appears to be regressing to the childhood (puppy) years. We often refer to him as our “little cry baby”. He fusses about travel days (this is getting to be better managed –the fussing doesn’t last as long and he lays down more quickly; however, he does NOT go to sleep). And, poor baby had a swollen hip after his visit to the vet. The vet stated that there could be a swollen spot and some tenderness after the shots, up to a week later. WELL, later that afternoon (after sleeping 5 or 6 hours—we had been gone) when we arrived home Andy whimpered a little “ooh” as he gingerly jumped off the sofa; then as he went down the 4 steps of the RV there was “ooh, ooh, ooh” one for each step. The same thing happened when he came back up the steps so Greg compassionately lifted him up onto the sofa and we heard only one little “ooh”. These little cries continued all evening whenever he hurt. He was such a baby and cried even when Greg gave him a boost instead of expecting him to walk up the 6 steps to the bed—more whimpers. He has only been sick one time in his life, I guess he just doesn’t know how to be a “tough little boy”.

Our last order of business prior to pulling out of Baltimore County was to sign rental documents. We got the call Sunday night stating that we had the background checks on the two renters (cousins) and that they could move in Thanksgiving weekend if all of the paperwork was completed by then. We were most grateful that we were able to get this business completed without needing to use the US Mail. Getting closure on the house brings us peace of mind. We knew the house would weather the winter months much better if there was someone living in it. I guess we will be landlords of rental property in Rodgers Forge until the housing economy gets out of the gutter.

We headed south on Tuesday, November 15. We didn’t have far to travel—all the way to Beltsville—we were scheduled for a full day of RV maintenance at the Collision Center. It was a good day (rainy and cool) for a movie, a little mall time and meals at restaurants. Andy and for a rather NOVEL experience—we were scheduled to spend the night in the Collision Center. The Collision Center is a GIGANTIC assembly of warehouses that can easily accommodate 8 to 12 RVs. We had the place to ourselves after 8:00 PM when the last workers left. We had one door that we could open and walk outside into a securely fenced parking lot—oh yes, puppies need to take walks prior to bedtime—so out we went—making sure that we could get back in. We were safe and sound inside the warehouse that was guarded by guard dogs. We were pleased with the security and even more pleased that our gated yard was not connected to their gated yard. The following day was rainy and we were out of the RV by 8:00 AM. This was a travel day for us and the pups. We took a trip to Frederick, had a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel, ran some routine errands and topped the day off with yummy ice cream from the Fudge and Ice Cream shop (we found this one Sunday, last spring). It was also a good day for me to read aloud—I have now read aloud 10 or 12 nonfiction books that provide more details per Native American history. One of the real highlights of our adventures has been finding so many great books that clarify and add to our knowledge base regarding the prehistoric Native Americans what their lives were like before the Europeans arrived and how they were addressed both politically and religiously.

Our RV was all ready to go on the road after two days of intensive care at the Collision Center (last repairs from our deer encounter and some routine maintenance. We picked it up at the end of the day and then spent one night at Cherry Hill RV Park, just out of DC. The next day we headed for North Carolina at the very end of the AM rush hour . It was a long day; we arrived at the NC State Fairgrounds and settled in for a week for the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Bryant Family.

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