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Arrived El Chalten mid afternoon...drive here was magnificent when the Fitzroy Range came into view. Had a couple of p stops and a couple of photo stops where it was so windy you had trouble standing. One interesting p or wee stop a girls to the right and boys to the left type one of our crew was heard to say ... Kaye has a nice bush....and she was behind the biggest bush in the area but being silly teenagers we all though it was hilarious. Drove past a huge lake and spotted the glacier. The town is just like a Swiss alpine village very clean and just a few shops to service the many many tourists who come to hike the mountains and walk the glacier. This is warmest I've been for a while - in a 6 bed dorm we had the window open and most of us still slept with just a sheet the heating is way to high --- but the showers are hot so good. Divided the females into two groups of 6 just worked out that the oldies ended up in one room and the younger crew in another. Scored a lower bunk then in came one with - I've got a bad back can,t climb up there then the second - Kaye, sore shoulder can't get up there, Pam, so lost my good spot - very ungracious about it! Our Juli the Asian 50 year old was up till god knows what time resorting and repacking her stuff for the next day and then set her alarm for 5am but left it in her locker so that we all got woken up - I was not a happy camper when I realised that it was only 5.30 and I was up. Had an amazing day - crossed the lake on a very nice tourist boat -took about an hour, then went rock climbing - I had thought that we were getting straight on to the ice but arrived at the glacier and had to don crampons - being so very supple (I wish) I couldn't get down to fix mine so one of our guides very kindly helped me and he had to keep on helping me for the rest of the walk. Interesting walking tho'. So long was I was going up or flat I managed O K but going Downhill was just plain scary - so the are a number of photos of me with my very nice looking Rafe, at one stage I managed to score a helper in both hands. But I made it, a three hour ice trek, at times so windy I could barely stand up but a clear day - we were very lucky as this is the end of the season and this village will soon only cater to skiers. And I didn't get any blisters - yeah! However I may not be able to walk tomorrow even as I sit here my knees are telling me not to move and getting up and down the hostel stairs is quite and effort.

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