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Catskill, NY - Brookside Campground - Site 71

Catskill, NY - Brookside Campground - Site 71, another view

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 0 - our route - 190 miles

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 1 - the Mass Pike on a...

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 2 - a lot more mountains in...

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 3

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 4 - entering New York

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 5 - one of the ever present...

Boston, MA to Catskill, NY 6 - crossing the Hudson River just...

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 0 - our route - 65 miles

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 1

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 2 - very colorful buildings up here

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 3 - Tannersville,NY

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 4 - ski slopes outside Tannersville

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 5

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 6

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 7 - not much water in the...

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 8 - lots of beautiful Blue Spruce...

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 9

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 10 - this is a home, not...

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 11 - the trail to the Kaaterskill...

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 12 - the view from Lookout Mountain

Hwy 23and 23A Scenic Drive 13 - one of the many Rip...

D and U RR 0 - our route - 109 miles

D and U RR 1 - some of the train yard at...

D and U RR 2 - hooking the engine up to our...

D and U RR 3 - the grass beside the track caught...

D and U RR 4 - on the way back along hwy...

D and U RR 5

D and U RR 6 - YEP, that's a deer - see...

D and U RR 7 - a church in Phoenicia, NY with...

D and U RR 8 - downtown Phoenicia

D and U RR 9 - another church in Phoenicia

D and U RR 10 - driving through Kingston, NY

D and U RR 11

D and U RR 12

D and U RR 13 - driving through Saugerties, NY

D and U RR 14

D and U RR 15

The Catskill Cats 1

The Catskill Cats 2

The Catskill Cats 3

The Catskill Cats 4

The Catskill Cats 5

The Catskill Cats 6

The Catskill Cats 7

The Catskill Cats 8

The Catskill Cats 9 - a new section of sidewalk for someone's...

The Catskill Cats 10

The Catskill Cats 11

The Catskill Cats 12

The Catskill Cats 13

The Catskill Cats 14

The Catskill Cats 15

The Catskill Cats 16

The Catskill Cats 17

The Catskill Cats 18

The Catskill Cats 19 - not a cat but Rip Van Winkle

The Catskill Cats 20 - some of main street

The Catskill Cats 21

The Catskill Cats 22

The Catskill Cats 23 - Libby waiting patiently

Round Top Raptor Center 1 - Master Falconer Gino Altimori and one...

Round Top Raptor Center 2

Round Top Raptor Center 3 - he is also learning about Turkey...

Round Top Raptor Center 4 - one of the many Red-Tailed hawks...

Round Top Raptor Center 5 - she's a beaut!

Round Top Raptor Center 6

Round Top Raptor Center 7

Round Top Raptor Center 8 - one of his owls

Round Top Raptor Center 9 - another one

Round Top Raptor Center 10 - one of the gyr Falcons

Round Top Raptor Center 11 - another one

Round Top Raptor Center 12 - the other Harris Hawk he has...

Round Top Raptor Center 13 - the hawk flies in to Gino...

Round Top Raptor Centor 14 - they can look pretty mean -...

Round Top Raptor Center 15 - but they are beautiful birds

Round Top Raptor Center 16 - another of his Red-Tailed Hawks

Round Top Raptor Center 17 - and another

Round Top Raptor Center 18 - and another

Our trip from Boston,MA to Catskill, NY was an easy 190 miles along mostly interstate highways that cost us 16.56 in tolls. It's always amazed me how the interstate highway system can now be made toll roads when that wasn't the original intent at all. The federal government and our taxes played a large part in their building but now some states have placed tolls on them, mostly in the North-Central and North-East of our country.

We are staying at Brookside Campground which is about 9 miles outside of Catskill. We have a large 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through site with decent Verizon and an easy shot to the satellite. It is in a new section of the campground and the earth has settled a bit since it was made so the site leave a little to be desired, level wise. We were able to level but required a couple of boards under each front wheel to keep them on the ground.

Monday we went on a scenic drive loop along highways 23 and 23A. It was a pretty drive and we had planned to take the trail to Kaaterskill Falls but declined once we saw the trail itself. It was all rocks and we are getting too old to feel comfortable taking these kinds of trails as we are not near as agile as we once were. It was so hot Tuesday and Wednesday we just stayed in the Mothership and ran the A/Cs on HIGH!

Thursday we went on another scenic drive over to Arkville, NY where the Delaware and Ulster Railroad station is located. We took the train on a two-hour round trip up to Roxbury through the heart of the Catskills. It wasn't as pretty a ride as we have had on other similar train rides but it was a relaxing train ride and we enjoyed it. At little excitement at the end of the trip occurred when the grass beside the track caught fire and grew to a pretty good size before they finally got it extinguished.

We awoke to rain Friday morning and it lasted to about 2:00 p.m. so we just stayed in until it finished. We has noticed a bunch of small cat statues through the downtown area of Catskill when we drove through it Sunday so in the afternoon we went in and walked the downtown streets. I included many pictures of the cats but believe me there were at least twice that many.

We had planned on going to the Round Top Raptor Center Friday afternoon but the rain messed that up so we went there Saturday afternoon. It is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 in the afternoons. It turned out to be the highlight of this stay! The owner is Master Falconer Gino Altimari and he gives a great talk on the birds and then brings several of them up for a closeup before letting one of them loose as he demonstrates how they come to his call. We were there almost 2.5 hours and enjoyed every minute. We found this attraction by a sign on the side of the road that we noticed driving back and forth to the campground. We never saw a brochure or flyer of any kind. It's amazing how we have found many of these unadvertised attractions to be the ones we liked best. The problem is finding out about them!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we head to Winfield in central Pennsylvania. We will stay there four nights.

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