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Carpe at St. George, Utah Elks Club

Sandi had the helm driving thru Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is still a sight to behold

I 15 cuts through a 30 mile swath of NW Arizona

A vista from I 15 in Arizona

Virgin River Gorge in Arizona

Virgin River Gorge in Arizona

Finally, Utah

Sun, 22 Apr: We weren't in any big hurry to get underway this morning, so we stayed in bed until we were ready to get up on our own terms. We've decided not to drive the entire 300 miles to Bryce Canyon National Park in one day. Rather, we'll spend tonite at the Elks Lodge in St. George, Utah, a good half-way point at 150 miles.

We finally rolled wheels at 0855 and Sandi drove the first leg, which included US 95 to I 515 through Las Vegas to I 15. Inasmuch as it was Sunday morning there was no traffic to speak of and we made excellent time. We switched drivers at a truck parking area roughly half way to St. George and Bob got to drive through the beautiful Virgin River Gorge (see pix).

We "lost an hour" when we crossed into Utah. We started out in Nevada (PDT), then Arizona (MST), and finally Utah (MDT). Interstate 15 slices a 30-mile swath through northwest Arizona that is, in our opinion, one of the prettier stretches of Interstate (see pix).

We decided to top off the diesel tank even though it still indicated ¾ full. We'll be in the "boonies" the next week and running the generator so it'll be prudent to start with a full tank. There was a Pilot truck stop at the south side of St. George so we added 27.26 gallons at "only" $4.109/gallon. Guess we'd best get used to it... Our tank-to-tank fuel economy since the last fill was 8.55 mpg. Not bad for 37,000 lbs of box!

We arrived at the Elks Lodge shortly after 1 P.M. (Utah time) and got a spot with 30-amps of power. Alas, the voltage is fairly low so we can only run one of our two air condition compressors. Since it is in the nineties today, we're barely holding our own as the temp inside is in the low nineties. Once the sun sets we'll catch up, but until then "she's a scorcher...!"

Our plans are to simply overnite here and head on to Bryce in the morning (about 147 miles). We hope to find a spot in the National Park's Campground, but only a small percentage of the available spaces can accommodate our 40' coach. We'll see...

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