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At home we have a normal refrigerator freezer and an additional freezer chest in the basement. We buy food at Costco and Sam's or on special and I can go nearly two weeks before I have to go to the grocery store. Usually when I decide to cook something, I can forage in the freezer and all the raw materials are there. The frig we have in the motor home is as large as most RV'ers have, although some folks have swapped theirs out for residential models. This means they have to be plugged into electricity at all times and drive fast as they move between locations. No boondocking.

When we are in the RV, I feel slightly constricted because I am so spoiled from home. We grocery shop at least twice a week on the road. As we left New Orleans, the freezer was crammed with unique foods we had purchased there and in the Rio Grande Valley. Although you can get almost anything you want in the Chicago area, especially if you know where to go, it's fun to shop in stores where the offerings closely reflect the location. In the Valley we saw countless varieties of chili peppers and cactus pads at the HEB grocery stores. The tortilla aisle was twice as long as the bread aisle. HEB was the only place where you could get corn chips shaped like Texas. A nice chorizio sausage and fresh gulf shrimp are still in the freezer from the Valley.

In the food mecca that is New Orleans we went to Rouse's and were overwhelmed by all the sausage. Some like alligator sausage seemed gimmicky, but chunks of andouille and boudain were added to the freezer along with packages of frozen crawfish and crab claws. And Rouse's had so many other interesting things to try. We bought roux and etoufee mix The freezer door barely closes.

After a short drive we are camped in Alabama. Here's hoping that there aren't more regional specialities worthy of some precious real estate in the freezer. We'll have to start eating these special food stuffs before we ever get home and can share them with the folks we've left there.

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