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Attempted to ride a scooter. Apparently balance is needed, which I do not have.

Laid around with some tigers. Yea, I said tigers. And yea it blew my mind to get to pet em.

Shot a 9mm Glock for the first time n stayed on the paper with almost all 30 rounds.

Got a Thai pedi and massage. She popped my toes n back and made me feel amazing all over.

Drank a beer while riding around the city in a tuk tuk.

Lit a lantern for Loy Krathong. Then lit another one. I need all the good luck I can get.

Took a ton of pictures, none of which was able to adequately capture the moment.

Ate street meet. Walked. Had some fresh watermelon. Walked.

Had to go the the potty repeatedly. Blame that on the pineapple shake from earlier.

Walked some more. Tried my hand at bargained at the night bazaar. Got too many gifts.

I definitely won today.

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