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We get up early (what else is new) and head for mass at the Mezquita. We get there at 8:30 (we are so happy we are the first to enter the patio) thinking we would have plenty of time to walk around the mosque before mass. We get as far as the guard who turns us away because we are not adequately dressed. Mirta, sweet unassuming Mirta, has a sleeveless blouse on. Trying to avoid the 5 minute walk back to our pension I take out my hat and cover her one shoulder then take her hat and cover the other one. I look at the guard and say si? But he said NO! Back we go - she changes then deja vu back. We have plenty of time to walk around before mass, which lasted 30 minutes. It was so surreal to see a 16th Century cathedral, with it's richly decorated alters, chapels, choir loft, etc., in the middle of a 10th Century mosque. Both were overwhelming in size and beauty. I have to admit, the cathedral was gorgeous and the mosque overwhelming but when looking at the total structure, it was quite odd.

We then head for a newsstand to buy the local paper. We were interviewed yesterday as to what city we think should win the title of Europe's Cultural Capital of 2016 and we both agreed it would be Cordoba. Of course, we only went to 2/6 cities competing. Not only was the story in the paper but a very nice picture of us with the Roman Columns behind us. We each bought a copy. Just when I think the trip can't get any better something more amazing happens.

With our bags packed (so is the luggage) we leave this great city heading for Sevilla. Good luck Cordoba- we have our fingers crossed for you.

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