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Jen and Bonnie at the Upper Falls, Tahquamenon Falls S.P., MI

Charlie and Bonnie at Upper Falls, TFSP

Upper Falls, TFSP

Upper Falls, TFSP

Bonnie checking out the moose, TFSP

Lower Falls, TFSP

Jen, Charlie and Bonnie at Lower Falls, TFSP

Charlie and Bonnie on the boardwalk around Lower Falls, TFSP

Ferns have been everywhere in MI

Lower Falls, TFSP

Charlie and Bonnie at Lower Falls, TFSP

We left our beautiful lakefront campsite and headed to Tahquamenon Falls. Tahquamenon rhymes with phenomenon. We went through Newberry, MI, moose capital of the world; we didn’t see any though.

There is an upper falls that is 200’ wide and drops 20’. It is the 2nd largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, the 1st being Niagara Falls. Then there are a series of 5 lower falls that cascade around an island. You can rent a row boat to explore the island and get up close to the lower falls. The water is tinted brown from the tannins released from the trees (mainly hemlock). The falls look like a root beer float!

We learned that the Great Lakes have been invaded by the European Lamprey, a sucker fish that looks prehistoric that attaches itself to other fish and kill them leaving holes in their sides where they have literally sucked them dry! The fact shack at Tahquamenon Falls had one in a display, gross. There is also another fish, asian karp that are eating lots of the natural food that the indigenous species eat, killing them off. The karp were introduced on purpose to control lake plant growth. The lamprey evidenty came through the locks either on vessels or fish. We also learned that the Gray Wolf has all but been eradicated from this area along w/coyote b/c of development.

We enjoyed our campsite, playing dominoes and cards outside on the picnic table. We also enjoyed our meals there listening to the birds and Bonnie watching the little red squirrels.

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