2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

Joe and Kelli looking at the rugs

There were a lot to choose from

There were some big rugs, too

More rugs on display

They narrowed it down to these two

Which one should we get?

After rug shopping we took a hike to look at the Petroglyphs

Heading down the trail

What a face!

Joe studying one of the petroglyphs

There are two figures here - the one on the left is...

There are several images here

These are interesting

I wonder what kind of critter this is supposed to be

Joe found another one

That's a lot of rocks!

Joe in search of more pictures

Henry and Joe found something

There's a person on the top rock and a face on the...

There are several pictures here

We saw a hummiingbird on one of the bushes

This is a face with a mask

View from Joe and Kelli's patio

We spent the morning at Petroglyphs National Monument. There was a Navaho rug sale going on so we enjoyed looking at the beautiful handmade rugs.

We then took a hike on one of the trails to look for petroglyphs. We found quite a few interesting ones. These ancient images were carved into the rocks by ancient tribes.

Henry and I made a trip to Petsmart and Trader Joe's to stock up for the next phase of our trip and had a relaxing afternoon visiting with Joe and Kelli.

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