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We'll go left here

Part of the Strip from the I-15

Decorations on the highway walls


The Ti at Hitchin' Post RV Park

All tuckered out after a long day of traveling (all of 45...

Is it bedtime yet?

Bunk and Brenda


Another nice short drive day…left at 10:00, drove 76 miles and arrived at the Hitchin’ Post RV Park at 11:30. We saw a huge solar power substation right before the highway split to go to Boulder City or Las Vegas. There were several acres of solar panels and many, many power lines leaving the plant and traveling over the mountains, both north and south.

After being in the wide open spaces at Cal-Nev-Ari, this park is a little cramped but otherwise very nice. The only real minus about it is we’re in the flight path of the fighter jets from Nellis AFB and boy, are they loud!! And would you believe it? The week we’re here is the same week they’ve scheduled tactical war games so those jets are off the runway at 7:58 each morning! Poor Taco … by the time we leave here, he’s going to be very paranoid about these unidentified loud noises.

Bunk (my #1 son) and his wife Brenda stopped over to say “Hi” this evening after work. We sort of worked up a schedule for the week which will wrap around their work and the bowling tournament they’re in and still give us time to geocache and explore on our own.

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