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At last we have departed from mainland China!!. What an event though. We arrived at Xian train station in China. People everywhere sitting on the ground just everywhere. About an hour and a half before the train departed we sat in a Q waiting for the train. People were sitting next to us on the ground in front of us and almost on top of us. We had our backpacks with us also. While waiting I had to guard my bag not from thieves but from peeing kids!! there were two next to me and were just peeing on the floor! When the gate was opened for the train people ran ran like rats!! They jumped over the barriers over people it was chaos!!. We got first class so we were in no rush as we'd booked a cabin. But for 2nd and 3rd class they'd to run for a seat. The train journey was 30hr long!!

Arrived in Hong Kong!! Great city but its loosing its Britishness lots of Chinese arriving there. Nice walkways around the city and great underground. At night (everynight) there's a show called the symphony of the lights. This is where classical music is played and all the high rise buildings put on a light show. Excellent to watch. SoHo is very interesting with all the shops. The longest escalator in the world was here. It went up a hillside through Soho (eg like patricks hill, but went on and on and on)

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